The Venue doesn't have a kitchen. What do we do?

Not a problem. We bring all of our own equipment to pull off any sized event, from 100 people to 400 people. 


Do we need electricity?

Not necessary, but helpful. 


Can you use the venue's mismatched China?

Absolutely. We are here to help make this day perfect. 


Our venue requires liability insurance. Do you provide that?

Just send us their requirements and we will have a certificate made up for the event.


What does an average menu look like? We have never done this before.

Don't worry, we can customize a menu to make sure everyone is safe and well fed. Most Menus start with 3 or 4 passed appetizers and a huge stationary table with cured meats, cheeses, dips, etc. Main Courses usually have 2 or 3 stations or 2 or 3 meats with 3 sides. There are lots of dessert setups, but a bunch of minis are the most popular - From Mini Pies to a zeppole bar to Mini waffles and ice cream.


We have 4 vegans, 2 pescatarians, and 3 vegetarians. Can you accomodate?

We can make any dish vegan or vegetarian. Example - Smoked Brisket becomes beet burnt ends with the same flavor profile and smoky flavor.


Why is there no pricing listed on your website?

Each menu is customized just for the couple. A good range is low $70s to high $90s per person for food. We want you to have all the foods that are important to you, not a chef's choice menu or package that 30 other couples have used.


Bar Packages are customized as well, you know what your crew drinks, so let's make sure they have it. Those packages start at $32/Person.

Add Food & Bar along with the staffing and taxes and a good range for the whole shootin match is in the $135-$175 per person range.

The best way to get exact pricing is to reach out and let us put a menu together with your favorite foods.


Where do we start? 

A great place to start is clicking The Menu Page and checking things out. Cruise some ideas and get the creative juices flowing. Then shoot us over a message through the inquiry form. 


Can we use foods not on your website?


Have an old family recipe? Maybe a date night favorite? Let us know and we would love to put it on the menu.


Do you provide staff?

Yes, we bring our own crew to the venue.


What does your staff do?

Our staff arrives early to set up tables, settings, etc. Then they serve the food, followed by cleaning up the venue.

They are the heart and soul of our company and we are very proud of their hustle.