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Farm to Fire

Open Fire Wedding Catering



We take great pride in using locally sourced ingredients from many farms in the Hudson Valley. From seasonal vegetables to sustainably raised meats, the best ingredients are the heart and soul of our food. To celebrate the change in food focus, we have a huge dedication to vegan and other non meat options. Any item on our menu can be made vegan, gluten free, or vegetarian.


This whole focus goes back to customized menus. Tell us your story and what you want on your wedding day. The days of picking a package that the chef puts on the website are gone.


When you find that you have narrowed down your menu ideas to:
Fresh Pasta, BBQ, Tacos, Family Style, Grilled Meats, Sliders, Asian Steamed Buns, a Clam Bake, and a Pig Roast. 7 Food Genres shouldn't be a problem, right? The guest list includes 5 vegans, 8 vegetarians, 4 gluten free guests, and one person allergic to peanuts.


The Hudson Valley BBQ Co. was born out of necessity.


our story

Brandon Snooks, executive chef

Growing up in the cattle country of Montana, there was always locally sourced food on our family table. From vegetables that my family grew in the garden to cattle raised on the land we farmed, there was no other way to eat in rural Montana. I honestly did not know that everyone didn't sit down to a farm to table experience for every meal. Seeing my grandmothers, mother, and many other "Farm Chefs" making the most of every piece of food available to them was commonplace. From canning to curing, the name of the game was feeding hungry family, friends, and farm hands. 


What I also did not know is how much that environment shaped my life. Many family rug rats grow up and have a passion for running the family farm. My path was on a crash course for cooking in the kitchen. While many of my friends were out on the tractor plowing fields with a family member, I was home with Grandma Jean tending the garden or bugging Grandma Ceece about her raspberries. My mother is one of the most amazing "Farm Chefs" I will ever meet. She can bake like a rock star and was able run a scratch farm kitchen feeding hungry workers every single day. Oh, did I mention she did that all while raising kids, working at the post office, and helping dad with whatever needed done. I realize now that this story started early as a little guy, washing vegetables and making sure the beaters were clean after stirring freshly made cookie dough. 

I found that cooking food and feeding people made me happy.