1. The Venue doesn't have a kitchen? Not a problem. We bring all of our own equipment to pull off any sized event, from 50 people to 350 people. 

2. Do we need electricity? Not necessary, but helpful. 

3. Can you use the venue's mismatched China? Absolutely. We are here to help make this day perfect. 

4. Venue requires liability insurance. Just send us their requirements and we will have a certificate made up for the event.


1. Food Allergies/Sensitivities - Don't worry, we can customize a menu to make sure everyone is safe and well fed. 

2. We have 4 vegans, 2 pescatarians, and 3 vegetarians - First off, we can make any dish vegan or vegetarian. Example - Smoked Brisket becomes beet burnt ends with the same flavor profile and smoky flavor.

3. There is no pricing on your site - Unfortunately, not. Each menu is customized just for the couple. A good range is $50's and $60's per person. We have done weddings for less and we have done weddings for more.

4. Where do we start? Glad you asked. Take a look at our main wedding menu and sample wedding menus. Send over some ideas on foods that you love and we will put a proposal together with pricing.

5. Can we use foods not on the site? ABSOLUTELY! Have an old family recipe? Let's use it for the wedding day.


1. Do you provide staff? Yes, we bring our own crew to the venue.

2. What do they do? Our staff arrives early to set up tables, settings, etc. Then they serve the food, followed by cleaning up the venue. They are the heart and soul of our company and we are very proud of their hustle.